Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mid-Century Watch Ads 1946-1959

A journey of classic vintage wristwatch advertisements
of the forties through the fifties...

1947 Belvil
One of many Dali-inspired '
Persistence of Memory' ads

1958 Technos
Atomic powered 'Atomium'
Ha, I wish, apparently just a design theme...

1951 Prexa 'Self Going?' Watch
Those limp watchband legs are creeepy,
especially with that stiff gear-print suit.

1950 Mondia
Is something being lost in translation here
or am I missing something?
The ad says, "The Cave Lion: How do you escape from roaring lost time?
Quietly rely on Mondia."
I get that it's a quiet watch and all, but...

1951 Exactus
A great name for a fifties watch!
And in case you didn't see their name,
they want to be sure...

1952 Ebel 'Videomatic'
Shown below - likely called Video because you can watch the movement from the skeletonized back (back when the word only meant 'to see')

1947 Pontifa
Before all the digital Nike sports watches,
people actually used their Chrongraph registers.

1953 Atlantic
??? What's with the veiny corpse hand?

1950 Election
Company logo vomitting the product, interesting approach

1956 Doxa
Why doesn't the watch look as futuristic as the concept car
they are comparing themselves to??

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