Monday, March 26, 2007

Big Ben On Your Wrist

"Dent London has not, it is fair to say, been quite the leading force in recent years that it was in its heyday. That, however, is about to be changed with the launch of a new collection of men’s watches – its first for 40 years (Parliament pictured above). With a history that is matched by only the highest ranked companies, the interest in the Dent name has already gone beyond expectations. Shown here is a sample from the first collection, which is to be launched imminently. If you find its design naggingly familiar, you won’t be alone: it is in fact that of ‘Big Ben’, or rather the Houses of Parliament Great Clock, whose prestigious construction contract was awarded to Edward J Dent in 1852. Appropriately, the brand’s 21st-century incarnation has already secured the contract to make the largest public clock currently under construction in Europe, for the new Eurostar terminal at St Pancras station, London."

Via QP Magazine
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Big Bad Ben

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