Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Horological Hallucinogens by Zadora

Dumbfounded and speechless. My first two reactions when first seeing these, um, er...Fancy wristwatches by Andreas Von Zadora Gerlof. An eccentric gem sculptor and metallurgist of everything from custom multi-million dollar chess sets for the Rothschild family to an upcoming exhibit of lifesize human skull gemstone sculptures.

But literally on hand now are these insane looking wristwatches. All one of a kind and priced at $150,000 each - also available for custom request if a pearl-swallowing snake or king fly isn't your cup of tea. Personally, I'd like to commission a bejeweled vomiting clown watch for my own personal reasons...

All the watches have drum-style sideviewing (display is on side of watchcase rotating with Roman numerals for approximate time) - semi-similar to Svend Andersen's Breguet inspired La Montre a Tact collection. The comparison ends there.

Baby turtles, gorging snakes and pirate skulls, oh my! (Enlarge)

Zadora Watches --> Link

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